H2 mobility : UpHyMob project to upskill the EU workforce for the future of H2 mobility has officially started


On May 17th, representatives of the five consortium partners met to signify the start of the workings of the UpHyMob project. UpHyMob stands for “Upskilling the EU workforce for hydrogen fleets and infrastructure operation and maintenance”. The project will be offering new tools to support the suitability of the EU workforce for a growing subsector within the Energy Industry. The project’s objectives are the following:

  1. Define EU-wide occupational requirements for H2 mobility technicians that reflect the needs in the H2 mobility sector.
  2. Design and deliver a joint curriculum & educational resources on H2 mobility technicians’ skills, to be embedded into formal & non-formal training provisions.
  3. Introduce and pilot test contemporary, flexible training delivery methods and open-access pedagogical resources, to support self-paced H2 mobility skills acquisition.
  4. Pave the way for the recognition, validation, and integration of new skills requirements & qualifications for H2 mobility technicians into relevant schemes.

The partners discussed the activities foreseen and the results the project will be producing, in more detail. During the initial phase of the project, the consortium will be conducting an analysis of current skill needs and offer relevant existing training provisions. The researc will reach across the countries of the consortium and the EU territory in general. The research methodology, being developed by Promea is already at a mature stage. The methodology will be soon delivered and the analysis will start.

The partnership is looking forward to making its contribution to the increasingly relevant field of H2 mobility, whose benefits fall in line with the EU’s aims for the environment, the energy policy and employability.

The UpHyMob consortium consists of:

Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (Lead Partner)
Instituto Superior Técnico
San Valero Foundation
Innovela sprl (Dissemination Leader)

A series of activities has been designed to reach the above mentioned obejectives. Read here how the consortium aims to reach them.