Uphymob Starts

Our effort to upskill the European workforce begins.

March 2022
R1: H2 mobility skills mapping and UPHYMOB learning outcomes

Development of learning outcomes for H2 powertrain and Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) maintenance and installation: what learners should know, understand and be able to perform after completion of the UpHyMob curriculum.

September 2022
R2: UPHYMOB curriculum, open educational resources and trainer’s handbook

Development of a modular curriculum structure which will be used by VET providers and in-house training centres in the H2 mobility industry.

February 2023
R3: UPHYMOB Massive Open Online Course structure and functionalities

MOOC infrastructures include learning units and contextualised training and assessment materials in online form, and additional pedagogical resource to be embedded into the online course, in order to increase learners’ engagement and course interactivity.

September 2023
R4: Framework for the recognition of the UPHYMOB skills requirements into certification and standardization schemes

Forming of a framework, to
a) promote the social recognition of learning outcomes, b) mainstream project materials as best practices, c) lay the ground for the establishment of an EU-wide vocational (professional) qualification for technicians in the H2 mobility sector, d) promote the integration of relevant skills requirements into existing (sectoral) competence frameworks, and e) support decision making.

February 2024

Project results in detail

R1 – Definition of UpHyMob learning outcomes based on skills needs analysis

Read the analysis of evidence we gathered and the learning outcomes report. This is the basis for the development of our training content focused on solving workforce skills shortages. We have included statements of what learners should know, understand and be able to do upon completion of the UPHYMOB curriculum.Download

R2 -T1 – Design of UpHyMob curriculum structure

Discover the curriculum structure. It will serve as the blueprint for the creation of the UpHyMob learning units, corresponding to EQF level 4, which aims to upskill workers in the sector of H2 mobility. We have included a detailed description of each learning unit, as well as the target audience of our curriculum.Download

R2 – T2 – Training & Assessment Materials – Now available!

Discover our training materials created to support both practical and theoretical learning on H2 vehicle and HRS components. The learning units cover these main areas: 

R2 – T3 – Trainer’s HandbookNow available!

Take a look at our trainer’s handbook, which provides guidelines to H2 mobility technicians on how to train using UpHyMob educational resources, and instructions as well as detailed practical exercises, case studies and background readings on how to develop additional materials in accordance with UpHyMob learning outcomes.Download

R2 – T4 – Guide for VET providers

Take a look at our guide for VET providers on how to integrate the units of learning outcomes into VET curricula, with instructions on how to:
a) link theory with practice to achieve the intended learning outcomes
b) determine trainers’ minimum qualities for highest quality teaching
c) design work-based learning settings to foster new skills development